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Business Owners

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You have an intuitive feeling that your financial planning decisions may not get you to the destination because as a business owner it isn’t as simple as some other financial planners might have you believe. 

You have more decisions to make than someone who doesn’t own a business and it isn’t easy to find a financial planner who can strategically pull all the advice being thrown at you from different “advice givers” such as  your accountant, your banker, your insurance agent, your well-intended friend, and of course Google. 

The conventional ideas of retirement may look very different for you then someone in a full time job, and it takes different thinking to navigate a plan and leverage your resources to live with flexibility in the future.

What factors influence planning for Business Owners?

Here are some factors that may influence the development of your planning:

Business Goals

Income Needs

Retirement Desires

Tax Levels

Risk Tolerance Levels

Insurance Needs

Potential Philanthropic Desires

Succession Planning

The saying ‘working smarter not harder’ applies to financial planning for business owners too. It doesn’t have to be so complicated, we can leverage your resources and be strategic about what to do with your money so that your finances are working for you.

Before working with Clarity Planning, I had no idea that a financial planner who focused on helping small business owners (like me) existed! Financial planning with Felicia means that what’s happening in my business and my personal needs and wants are all considered, which makes all the difference to me feeling supported in my financial planning for the future. Meeting Felicia and her team were game-changers. Felicia is one of those rare gems who is knowledgeable and caring. She makes every effort to ensure that I'm making the right financial planning choices for the vision I have for my business and personal life and into my golden years. Knowing that my financial planning is in such good hands gives me peace of mind.
Audrey Kwan
AJK Consulting Inc.
A close friend recommended Felicia when we were looking for a financial planner and we could not be more pleased with Felicia. We have been working together for the past two year she has shown us how to prepare for our retirement as it approaches and also helped us with our purchase of our home on Vancouver Island. Her knowledge of the financial markets is getting us excellent returns on our investments. We would highly recommend Felicia to anyone who is looking for a financial planner.
George and Patti Martin
Owner, Well Balanced Designs

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