Providing financial
insights and direction
for your business and life

Providing financial
insights and direction
for your business and life

Financial planning can be complex.We get it.

So we’ve created one place for you to go. That way you don’t have to search high and low for advice and support to make sense of your finances.

Solutions for
every client

From the details that you don’t think of to the high level strategies that fit your big picture, you gain the clarity that you’ve been looking for.

We help you navigate the web of complexity so that you can leverage the gains that you’ve made. 

Felicia Lee

Before becoming a financial planner, I spent 6 years as a business coach to over 200 business owners who grossed between $200K – $5M. This gave me a front row seat to noticing how making money doesn’t always translate to keeping the money.

I watched many smart people generate good revenue, while on the flip side, not being strategic about what to do with the money they were making, to live the flexible future that they most wanted.

I got into financial planning because I noticed that as my client’s finances grew and they were working harder, they weren’t sure they were gaining ground financially to meet the future that they envisioned for themselves.

My approach to financial planning may look different from your typical financial planner. For starters, my insight as a business coach and the tested ability to navigate the complexities of growing a business or practice is married with financial planning competencies.

With my engineering background, my left brain is trained to analyze, evaluate, and create solutions, while my right brain is seasoned from years of coaching to help you clarify and navigate to the big picture.

I’m usually not someone’s first planner. People come see me when they need to graduate to the next level of financial planning.


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